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Hobonichi Store Help

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Changing the quantity in an order

If your order is still listed as “Order received”, you can change an item quantity in Hobonichi Store account. After the status changes to “Shipping soon”, which means that the order is in shipping preparation process, you cannot change the quantity.

How to change item quantity

1. Log in to Hobonichi Store account using your e-mail address and password.
2. Select the order you would like to change and open the order status page.
3. Click “Edit” on the right side of the order contents column.
4. You will be taken to the quantity edit page, so please set the new item quantity.
5. If the new quantity is reflected in your order, the request is complete.

About credit card transactions: When you modify the quantity in an order, the Hobonichi Store system cancels the original verification charge, and then requests another verification charge for the new amount. These are only verifications, as the card is not truly charged until the day after shipment preparation begins. 


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