Hobonichi Store Help

Hobonichi Store Help

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I can’t log in to Hobonichi Store account.

There are two possible causes.

1) Your e-mail address or password were not entered correctly. For non-English keyboards, the input settings may be set to characters other than Roman characters. Please check your keyboard settings and entry accuracy.

If you cannot remember your password, please see here and reset your password.

If you cannot remember which e-mail address is registered, please see here.

2) Your computer may not have the proper system settings. Please view your system settings here and confirm the compatibility of your computer.

If you perform the above procedures and still cannot log in to your account, please contact store@1101.com so we may look into the matter.

Please describe to us in as much detail as possible the page you visited and the contents of the error message, along with your computer’s operating system and browser version.

*If you do not know your computer’s operating system and browser version, please see this page and copy and paste the information into your e-mail.

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