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Hobonichi Store Help

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Hobonichi Store shipping

Hobonichi Store product shipping is generally fulfilled by shipping companies that have entered into a consignment contract with Hobonichi Co., Ltd..

However, depending on characteristics of products (such as perishable goods) and sales methods, some products may be packaged and shipped by the manufacturer, or by Hobonichi staff.

The name of the person who placed the order is written on the “sender” section of the delivery slip.

Products are carefully wrapped to ensure safe delivery. Notifications from Hobonichi may be included in the order.

Hobonichi Co., Ltd. and the shipping companies are bound to a confidentiality agreement to protect customers’ personal information.

Hobonichi Store shipping is provided through these shipping services:
International (outside Japan): FedEx (International Priority).
Domestic (within Japan): Yu-Pack by JAPAN POST

Once in possession of the package, the shipping company bears the responsibility for delivery.

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