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Hobonichi Store Help

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I got an error message saying my connection timed out.

There are four possible causes for a time-out error message. Please check for the following issues.

-The computer clock may be set wrong.

Please check that the clock and time zone are set correctly on your computer.

-Your cookie settings may be incorrect.

If you have your cookies turned off, you’ll be unable to place an order in the Hobonichi Store. Please check whether your cookies are turned off.

-Your security software may be preventing access.

If your security software such as Norton Internet Security is on, you may not be able to complete your order. Please try temporarily turning off your security software before placing your order.

-Your browser security settings are too high.

If your browser security settings are set to the highest security level, you may not be able to complete your order. Please try temporarily lowering your security settings before placing your order.

If you attempt all four methods above and still cannot place an order, please e-mail store@1101.com with the information of your operating system and browser version.

*You can check your computer operating system and browser information here, so please copy and paste that into the e-mail.

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