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Hobonichi Store Help

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Cash transfers at convenience stores/postal banks (for shipment within Japan only)

Payment slips are included with the product for post-delivery payment.

Depending on the circumstances of the customer’s purchase, such as placing an order for the first time, there are instances in which the convenience store/postal bank cash transfer payment option may not be available. Thank you for your understanding.

Cash payment is limited to orders within Japan, and restricted to a cumulative total of 30,000 yen (tax included) per customer. If a customer has or will reach the 30,000 yen limit for total unpaid orders, the cash payment option will be unavailable.

Please use the enclosed payment slip to submit a payment for your order at a convenience store or postal bank within 14 days of delivery. Keep your payment receipt for six months.

You can check your payment status by logging into Hobonichi Store account.
*Upon paying in person at a convenience store or postal bank, this information may take up to one week to be delivered to Hobonichi Store and reflect in the payment status at Hobonichi Store account. Please contact us if your payment is still listed as Payment pending after one week.

Important information
–Payment slips cannot be mailed to a different address than the order.
–Payment slips are attached to the back side of the invoice.
–Please use the payment slip enclosed in your order to ensure correct data submission.
–Customers who choose to exclude the invoice cannot choose the cash payment option. Please use a credit card in this case.
–Some convenience stores are unable to process cash payments. Please see the logo list of participating convenience stores here on the website of Densan System Co., Ltd., which handles these payments.
–If payment is still not confirmed 14 days after the order delivery, Hobonichi Store will contact the customer with instructions to confirm the payment. Please note that failing to pay for the order will result in restrictions from ordering from the store again.

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