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Exclude the receipt from an order (for shipment within Japan only)

You can choose whether or not to include your receipt with the order package. The order contents and prices are listed on the receipt, so this option is useful for customers sending gifts directly from the Hobonichi Store.

Customers may only choose to exclude the receipt when:
– The order is paid by credit card.
– The shipping address is in Japan.

*This option does not affect shipping and handling fees.

Important information

*The order will not include forms listing product prices, but please note that some products such as books and DVDs may have the price printed on the product itself.

*A receipt cannot be mailed separately.

*When the payment method is set to cash transfer at a convenience store/postal bank, the receipt and payment slip will be include in the order.

*The delivery slip on the package will include the name of the person who placed the order so the recipient may know who sent the package.

*When the shipping address is overseas, the package will not include the receipt used for domestic orders, but an invoice required for Customs. Therefore, the option to choose the exclusion of the receipt is not available.

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