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Using the Hobonichi Techo for job interviews
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

Kowase started using the Hobonichi Techo when she was in high school, and initially, she wrote about movies, music, or the lunch she ate. 

Once she started taking job interviews during her days at university, her pages were then filled to the brim with self-reflections and things to talk about during interviews. 

“I write down anything that comes to mind, and then start to think. It was easy for me to look back because the pages are dated, so I’m able to know what I was thinking at that time!”

Using their favorite Weeks to manage their schedule
Hobonichi Techo Weeks

Out of all the Hobonichi Techo types out there, Karo likes the Weeks the most. They like how they can put it in their pocket during work and also write while standing. 

Karo uses each page like this:

Monthly Calendar – To manage shifts and meetings, as well as to write sales targets and number of followers on social media. 

Weeky pages – Writes a circle on days when they checked their emails. Uses the right-hand page to write what they want to do within that weeks and memos they don’t want to forget.

Grid memo pages – Write down anything, from meeting memos to product numbers. 

If you use your techo mainly for work, check this usage example out!

A weekly diary to understand time spent studying at a glance
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

MROAO uses the weekly diary of the Cousin to manage study time for each subject by using different colors. It especially comes in handy before exams as they can understand which subject they spent the least time studying at a glance.

A Cousin all about an architecture job
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

S.K.’s job is involved in architecture, and it has been more than two years since he started to use the Hobonichi Techo Cousin to keep a record of his work. He uses the monthly calendars to write down his meeting schedules, the weekly diary to write about the progress status on-site, and the daily pages for other schedules and memos. He tells us that it’s practical that he can keep everything work-related in a single book.

Using between an Original for her personal life and a Weeks book for work
Hobonichi Techo Original

Noriko uses the Original for her personal life and the Weeks to manage her work schedule. For her techo she uses for her personal life, she writes down her expenditure to use as an accounting book, her schedule and memos, and uses between several colors. She says that the charms of the Hobonichi Techo is that she can customize it in her own way, and although she’s not the punctual type, she finds herself planning ahead more with it. The cover on the Original is actually handmade by her! The thick and colorful bookmarks are cute and seem useful.

Using the Weeks book to study English
Hobonichi Techo Weeks

s uses an entire Weeks book to study English. She studies for TOEIC, Eiken, teacher recruitment exams and anything else related to English in this single book. After starting to study with it, her TOEIC score improved by 100 points! This book, packed with English vocabulary and answers to exam questions, will turn into a special one packed with memories of her hard work.

Three simple rules
Hobonichi Techo Original
Sakura 0513

Sakura 0513 says although her techo is super simple because she isn’t too strong in the drawing field, she likes this simple style and has settled to write in her techo like this. She has three simple rules: 

1. Write down her to-dos along the timeline and color it in with red once she’s completed the task.

2. Use the to-do checkboxes to write important tasks of the day. 

3. Write down what she felt on the right-side. 

She used to use between several notebooks, but with this method, she was able to compactly write them all in one book. It’s a method that seems easy to continue because it’s simple! 

Recording detailed schedules
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

Pori uses a grid as 15 minutes-worth to keep a detailed record of her actions in 24 hours. She uses green for her main tasks, pink for other tasks, and blue black for her personal life. (Her current goal is to reduce the main tasks written in green). She writes a draft on a separate notebook everyday, and uses it as a reference to write her schedule in chronological order in her Hobonichi Techo.

Studying Notes for the Bar Exam
Hobonichi Techo Original

Ushiromae writes five articles of Civil Law on each page of the Original techo to memorize all 1,044 articles in preparation for the bar exam. They check the box after copying and memorizing articles each day, saying “It seems that I memorize words better when I handwrite it.”

Personal Special Reference Book
Hobonichi Techo Planner
Momo (University student)

Momo uses her planner to pick out all the information from her textbooks that she especially needs to remember for class. By pasting and writing important excerpts in her pages, her book becomes a collection of all the most important information. Carrying the book with her at all times allows her to add on to the notes at any time, and has become a homemade reference book.

From the 2016 Official Hobonichi Techo Guidebook