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Remodeling the box of the 5-Year Techo as a case to carry around!
Hobonichi Techo Original
Jyoseki Sennin

*Hobonichi 5-Year Techo A6 Size

Jyoseki Sennin remodeled the yellow box that the 5-Year Techo comes in as a case to carry around. They connected the lid and body of the box and cut down the sides. Along with the sophisticated design they chose for the tape, it almost looks like a dictionary.

The box of the 5-Year Techo is made sturdily so that you can store your techo, which makes it perfect to be used as a case to carry around.

Keeping a record of their weight in the Yearly Calendar
Hobonichi Techo Original

S tells us how they gained 10 kilos over the past 10 years so they decided to go on a diet. They take fewer carbs during lunch and dinner, eat snacks sparingly, and think about the total calory intake and nutritional balance. Thanks to the techo, S managed to keep on track while having fun and lost 3 kilos in 4 months. This usage example is perfect for anyone who ends up not writing anything in the yearly calendars.

Writing down house work routines
Hobonichi Techo Original

This is a usage example by Reicho we showed on the Hobonichi Techo 2021 Official Guidebook. She lists up when to take out the garbage and other chores using the Timetable page. We love how she uses the leftover space to write down dramas to watch!

Using the monthly calendar of the Day-Free as a photo album
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

*Day-Free A5 Size

Yamashita uses the calendar pages of the Day-Free to paste a photo a day. They choose the photo that stands out the most of the pictures they took that day to print out as a sticker.

Photo printers that allow you to easily print out photos at home are popular, and they are perfect for the techo. We recommend it to anyone who has lots of photos they haven’t looked back in their camera roll. It’s nice how you can reminisce on memories by seeing each photo by date!

Creating an uniform look with black and white color scheme
Hobonichi Techo Original

Chie makes sure the color of the pen she uses matches the color of the stamps. She wrote on black paper using a white pen on the left page, creating a beautiful black and white look.

Pasting stamps in a techo
Hobonichi Techo Original

Maasuke works in accounting. They receive lots of invoices via mail, so whenever they receive a cute stamp, the cut it out and paste it in their techo. By pasting stamps in a techo like this, you’ll probably look forward to encountering unique stamps more than usual, and moreover, it would be fun to look back on all the stamps you’ve collected.

A Hobonichi Techo to keep a record as a photo
Hobonichi Techo Original
Nekozuki Ichigoaya

Nekozuki Ichigoaya tells us how she takes a picture of the things she bought, used, or ate that day with her techo to make it her diary. Taking a picture of a techo with other things to photograph the memory is such a new idea! The soft color of the illustrations matches the items surrounding the techo. The layout is amazing too!

A handmade knitted cover
Hobonichi Techo Cousin
Apricot Nanohana

Apricot Nanohana looks forward to using her techo for the first time that year. She made use of leftover yarn to make covers for her Cousin and Day-Free. It’s hard to believe it’s made of leftover yarn when the color combination looks this nice! The tassel of the bookmarks adds to the look. Because it’s covered with a Cover on Cover, it can be used for a long time without worrying about it getting dirty.

Adding color to a techo
Hobonichi Techo Weeks

Ponsuke tells us how they drew “rainbow” in the Techo Omikuji, and how they looked forward to a colorful year ahead and decided to add color to their techo too by customizing it. They love to handcraft, and so they had a stock of lace and fabric they couldn’t help but buy. Out of the lineup, they chose those that match the pink Weeks Mega. “Customizing a techo is way more fun than I thought, and moreover, it turned into my very own techo so I’m pleased.” they talk to us. On another note, they use the graph paper in the book to keep an accounting book while looking at Zun’s Household Accounting Book as a reference.

Keeping a record of the eggs she ate in the monthly calendar
Hobonichi Techo Original

mitaco loves to eat eggs, so she decided to count the number of eggs she ate and drew them in the monthly calendar. It’s a fun idea in which you can see how the egg she ate was cooked, whether it be fried eggs, boiled eggs, or scrambled eggs.