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Using the Day-Free to write about favorite cafes
Hobonichi Techo Cousin
Hobonichi Komata

*Day-Free A5 Size

Hobonichi crew member Komata uses the Day-Free to write about her favorite cafes.

“I love going to cafes! But of course, I don’t go to them every day. I thought the Day-Free would be perfect to write about things that don’t happen every day but occur a few times during the week, so I wrote down the cafes I’ve been to. I like how I can paste paper coasters and shop cards and use the space in any way I want.”

Writing memos of books and his thoughts on it
Hobonichi Techo Original

This is a usage example by Shota we showed on the Hobonichi Techo 2021 Official Guidebook. He uses the Favorites page to write down the title of the book he read, when he read it, the author, his thoughts, and impressions to create a book-reading record page. It looks amazing when it’s filled in like this.

Enjoying the techo with easy illustrations and stickers
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

This is a usage example by mizutama that we showed in the Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook 2021. mizutama is an illustrator and eraser stamp creator. By simply using stencils and pasting washi tape and stickers, she has created such a cute spread. mizutama’s techo is filled with ideas to make the time spent writing in your techo a fun one.

Copying logos of animations and mangas
Hobonichi Techo Weeks

This is a usage example by Kimura that we showed in the Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook 2021. She copies logos on the monthly calendar pages of the Weeks book as a way of writing down information related to her favorite pieces, such as the sale dates of books and comics and the air date of animations. It’s a way to keep a record that’s both fun to draw and look back on!

Creating an impressive spread with just illustrations
Hobonichi Techo Original

Aio uses the Original book and fills it with lots of illustrations. Even without words, a spread becomes this impressive. The colors used are so cute! The washi tape that goes well with the colors used in the illustration acts as an accent.

Enjoying the Hobonichi Techo life they’d be waiting for!
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

Haribo uses the Cousin to keep an accounting book, keep a record of their meals, clothes they wore, what they want to do, and as a diary. Haribo found out about the Hobonichi Techo when he was a 10th grader, but wasn’t able to use it because he had to use their school planner. He waited three years to finally be able to use it. 

“I can’t tell you the excitement I felt after finally being able to use my favorite techo in university having waited three years… I’m fully enjoying the Hobonichi Techo life I was waiting for.” 

Using weekly pages of the Cousin to write down their finances, a record of meals and clothes they wore is the perfect way to make use of the vertical space.

Using the Cousin to store paper cutting art
Hobonichi Techo Cousin

Natsumaru uses their cousin to store their paper cutting art. “I aim to create one piece a day under the theme of <What day is it today?> so the Cousin where I can use one page a day is perfect.” On the space left, they write why the origins and who decided to make it that day. The paper cutting art is expressed so well to the details! We’re sure it will turn into a special book.

Writing down words to discipline himself where it catches his eyes
Hobonichi Techo Original

This is an usage example by Sonchi that we showed in the Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook 2021. Sonchi decided to lose weight, so he wrote down the acronyms for the Japanese of “Don’t eat pastries” largely on a page that stands out when he opens his techo. By writing it on a page right after you open your book, it will catch your eyes more often and will make you think about it more.

Pasting tickets and leaflets, not worrying even if it doesn’t fit in!
Hobonichi Techo Original

This is Hobonichi crew member Natsumi’s techo we introduced in the Hobonichi Techo 2021 Official Guidebook. She pastes in tickets, shop cards, stickers, drink coasters, and anything that are memorable or made her happy, all in her techo. She matches the color of the tape with the item she pastes in. She says the more things are pasted in, the more fun it is to look back on. It’s easy to understand at a glance where she went and what she saw that day!

Keeping a record of movies she saw in the theater with illustrations
Hobonichi Techo Original
Yuki Takahashi

Yuki Takahashi uses the “Favorites” page in the informational page section of the techo to keep a record of the movies she saw in movie theaters. The illustrations that are colored in are really nice! By adding illustrations, it seems to be easier to recognize what kind of movie it was. We admire her determination to see movies in theaters, too.