How It’s UsedFamily

Writing a life plan to think about her family’s future
Hobonichi Techo Original
Nozomi Hiroki

This is a usage example by Nozomi Hiroki that we showed on the Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook 2021. Hiroki uses the Graph Paper page at the back of the book to write down a life plan and a graph for yearly utility costs. 

She writes down the age of her family members to get a grasp of how money will flow in the future. The color-coded graph is easy to look at and cute!

Customizing it amazingly! Keeping records of family events in a fun way
Hobonichi Techo Cousin
Tomi Yoshikai

This is a usage example by Tomi Yoshikai that we showed in the Hobonichi Techo Official Guidebook 2021. Her handmade family newspaper really stands out! Not only is it fun to look at, this spread includes useful records of money spent and memos taken while making dinner. She uses the weekly diary to manage her husband and her health. She also uses between several thin memo pads for Weeks size and customizes the front cover too.

A parenting diary packed with words
Hobonichi Techo Original

b started to use the Original as a parenting diary after her child was born. Having been a nursery teacher before, her dream was to write all about her child in her techo every day!

True to her words, she meticulously writes about her child in her techo. Her style is to pack the pages with words and use between three colors of her Frixion pen. 

– Brown: For things that happened that day

– Green: Anniversaries and what they ate

– Blue: Times to take medicine and taking their temperature

She wishes to show this techo when her child gets married, or when her child gives birth. It would be a Life Book that’s packed with special memories that is like a treasure to have!

Managing family and personal to-do’s using a Weeks
Hobonichi Techo Weeks

Mioko writes down her family and her to-do’s and the scheduled time on the left hand page of the Weeks book and ticks it off when she finishes it. She uses the right page to write down weekly highlights. The occasional illustrations are cute and her handwriting is balanced out as well.

A diary that’s kept in the living room to read as a family
Hobonichi Techo Original

Hanaka, an elementary school student, uses the Hobonichi Techo as a diary to write about things that happened at school. We love the cheerful spread made by using colorful pens. She keeps the techo in the living room at all times so her family can read and write in it at any time. The comment on the bottom right is by her mother.

Using footprint stamps to mark her child’s growth
Hobonichi Techo Original

Kinakoron writes about her children’s growth in her Hobonichi Techo everyday. She writes a title and what left an impression the most that day so it’s easy to look back. On the page at the beginning of each month, she stamps her child’s footprints. “There used to be a lot of space left when I stamped my child’s footprints, but now it’s packed! I wonder how long I can keep on stamping both feet?” It’s a diary packed with fun memories, and would be fun to look back on as a family when her child grows up. 

Splitting the Weeks memo pages into 5 parts to use it throughout the year
Hobonichi Techo Weeks

aki uses an April-start Weeks book. She writes her family’s and her schedule in the monthly calendar, and uses the weekly pages to record her children’s health and how they were that day. She tells us that she uses the memo pages to write down her to-dos and physical condition, as well as writing a sentence a day as a diary. Because there are 74 memo pages, she divides a page into 5 parts to use it throughout the year. We love her neat layout that uses date stickers (please be aware that the memo pages in the January-start Weeks books are 71 pages). Her idea of copying and printing out the Hobonichi Techo leaflet onto sticker paper is really cute too.

Zippers Covers for Child-Rearing
Hobonichi Techo Original

Kitty-chan makes use of the ample pockets provided in the Zippers covers for her and her child. She uses the pockets on the left to put away her child’s essential documents such as the health insurance card, and the pockets on the right to store away her grooming items such as hand cream.

Watercolor Parenting Diary
Hobonichi Techo Original
Minoru Toyoda (Manga artist)

Manga artist Minoru Toyoda keeps a record of his daughter’s growth by painting in his techo with watercolor. He also pastes items such as a ticket from a zoo they visited together, or a flower given by his daughter which he made into pressed flower. He plans to gift her this book full of love when she is older.

Parent-Child Exchange Diary
Hobonichi Techo Original

Hirose uses the Original techo to keep in touch with his daughter, even when work keeps him too busy to see her. His daughter writes about her days along with lots of drawings and Hirose adds his own comments in the remaining space. When the weekend comes they open up the techo book to spend some quality time talking about their week.