Track Favorite Phrases in Books

This Japanese user keeps track of favorite books by printing out an image of the book cover and pasting it on a planner page. One option is to post it when starting to read the book in order to provide a place to refer back to and record impressions and favorite phrases while reading the book so they aren’t forgotten by the time you reach the end of the book.

Another option is to record which day you finished the book by pasting it on the day of completion, and then writing your overall thoughts. This makes it easy for avid readers to keep track of which books they’ve read and enjoyed, and for not-so-avid readers to have a point of reference for future book recommendations. Writers can also use this method to find inspiration in their own writing by drawing story charts and keeping notes from the book.

This user also keeps track of books to read in the future by printing out the book covers beforehand and keeping them in the corner pocket of the planner cover. If doing this for every single book you read is too time-consuming, try only recording your favorite books.

[picture by user Kyao]